Interpersonal Communication: The Bloodline to Your Personal Relationships

Let me give you the best and most informed advice I can on how to maintain a strong interpersonal communication with one another, even in times of conflict.

A strong communication is the vital foundation that is needed to maintain a lasting, profound union and to better understand one another. Without the elements needed to interpersonally connect with one another on all levels, your relationship will not thrive as a healthy union should. Interpersonal communication is at the core of our personal and professional successes, as well as our own self-concept, emotional intelligence, and our ability to overcome barriers and conflicts that we may encounter as individuals.

I will start with the meaning of an interpersonal communication which is any type of communication that occurs between two individuals. It can be personal, profession, a chance meeting, a planned conversation, or everyday communication that happens in a relationship, as is the case with you two. There are three components that comprise the reasons we communicate which are to meet our personal needs, to learn about ourselves, others, the world we live in, and to create and maintain relationships with others. Shared meaning is the number one goal of all communications; the hope that what you are saying can be understood and the meaning of the message can be shared effectively with them.  Continue reading